IV Tournament Last Standing


State: Tournament finished.

Tournament info:

Tournament URL:

Number of players:

8 Players

Tournament type:

Single elimination


Only for players in Europe

Bracket duration:

There is no time established to play each bracket


This tournament has not ranking

Creation date:


Ending date:



No rating.


The tournament will take place the 24-3-2013 at 21:00. But It could be postponed if there is not enough players.


How gametournament.net works:

  • Both players must insert their results once they have finished playing. If both do not do, the winner will be random (further information at the instructions)


The tournament rules are described below:

  • All players must be connected to the chat of this website at 21:00.
  • The player who is not connected will be removed from the tournement.
  • Both players must be ready before the qualification round starts, this means, to be ready for playing, button configuration or whatever, once the qualification starts cannot be stopped.
  • The qualification round is played the best of 5 matches.
  • The game configuration must be as default.
  • All characters are allowed.
  • The winner cannot change his characters after the match but the loser can.
  • If a player stops playing or stops the game during the match this player will lose the round.
  • If you have any doubt please send me an email from the email area.