II Torneo Iron Fist


State: Tournament finished.

Tournament info:

Tournament URL:

Number of players:

8 Players

Tournament type:

Single elimination


Only for players in Europe

Bracket duration:

Players have 168 day/s to play each bracket


This tournament has not ranking

Creation date:


Ending date:



The tournament will start the 1370988000|%F, if there are enough players.



  • The tournament panel will be created the day the tournament starts.
  • Players have a week for arrange a date and play their play-off, if they have not played, the administrator will resolve the qualifying round.
  • Once the qualifying is finished, it does not matter if you have won or lost, both players must enter their results, unless you will be disqualifyed.
  • Both players must be ready before the qualification round starts, this means, to be ready for playing, button configuration or whatever, once the qualification starts cannot be stopped.
  • The game configuration must be as default.All characters are allowed.
  • The winner cannot change his character after the match but the loser can.
  • If a player stops playing or stops the game during the match this player will lose the round.

If you have any doubt please send me a message from the email area.