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We want to know your opinion.
On Feedback section, you can tell us your experience using and organizating tournaments on

What feature do you like the most, the less, or what would you change, fill up suggestions form.
If you want to request a new feature, fill up requests form.
If you find a bug or something that does not work propertly, you can report it on the bugs form.

Lastly, on each form (Suggestions, Requests and Bugs) you can vote for or against suggestions, requests or bugs made by other users.

Messenger service has a private messenger service between users. Users can send, receive and reply messages from other users.

Messenger service allows the comunication between users. Tournament administrator can notify news that happen before and during the tournament to players, answer players questions, etc.  It is also useful  for players to arange a date to play their matches.

When an user receibe a message, the notification system, inform the user that he has new messages, sending an email to his registered email.



You can create your own group on Each group has a personal page, where you can detail the features of your group: description, website, Facebook, Twitter etc. Once the group is created, you can manage its users, create tournaments and rankings for them.

To join a group, users must join the group and wait for administrators approval. Once the user has joined, he can participate on tournaments and rankings.

Kind of users:

  • Administrators: users that manage de group, and they can create tournaments and rankings.
  • Common users: users that can only participate on tournaments and rankings.




Rankings can only be created inside a group, that is to say, you must create a group first. Once the group is created, users will be joined when they participate on tournaments of the group. If an user does not join any tournament with a ranking, he will not appear on rankings.

How to organize a tournament? is an online tournament bracket maker and manager, where you can create tournaments of simple elimination bracket and double elimination bracket.


Simple elimination tournament:

Are classic tournaments. Players that win a bracket, pass to next round, and losers are eliminated from the tournament. Like so, and in each round, half of players are eliminated. It is proceded like this, until only one player remain, who is the winner.

This kind of tournament, also admit 3rd and 4th position.

Double elimination tournament:

There are two panels: “winners bracket” and “losers bracket” and players have to lose twice to be eliminated.

All players start in the winners bracket, and like happens in a simple elimination tournament, winners pass to next round. On the other hand, losers are not eliminated. They have another opportunity in the losers bracket. Losers panel works like winners panel, but the loser of a bracket is eliminated from the tournament.


Players can join in a tournament as follow:

  • Join: The tournament administrator creates a tournament, publishes it, and users have to join the tournamnet. In addition, it is possible to set the following requeriments to join it:
    • Area or country: choose the country or area what players are from
    • Password:  set a password, and only users who posses it can join the tournament.
  • Add users: the administrator the tournament creates the tournament and add tournament players.

Players order in brackets can be random, or ordered by their position from up to down and left to right.

Number of players that can join a tournament are betwen 3 and 64. If the number of players is not a power of 2 (Eg: 4, 8, 16, 32, o 64...), the bracket will be created with byes in the first round, due to not all players can have a couple. If this happends, it is possible to select the players who are going to have a bye.


We are Back!.

As you can see we have change the desing of the website, and added many new features more:



Tournaments have been improved dramatically. Now they can be totally administered without restrictions.

  • You can create simple (3rd and 4th position) and double elimination tournaments.
  • Tournament administrator can do and undo all brackets of the tournament.
  • It is possible to create 2 kinds of tournaments:
    • Inscrition tournaments: users have to join the tournament.
    • Add users tournaments: the administrator of the tournament have to add the users to the tournament.
  • You can create tournaments from 3 to 64 players.
  • It is possible to add substitutes to the tournament, in case a player cannot play.



It has been added the option of create groups. If you have a group, a community, etc., you can sign it in, organize your own tournaments, and create rankings for it.

Groups include an administration panel, where you can modify group features, and add or remove users.



If you create a group, you will be able to create rankings for your users. Create a ranking for each sport, game, contest, etc. Rankings are divided in seasons and each season is independent of each other.



Another feature added are alerts. will notify you by email if:

  • A tournamnet that you have joined starts, ends or is deleted.
  • A bracket is available.

Lastly, we have improved the feedback system in order to you give us your opinion.




  • New look for the web, now is available for mobile phones
  • Now it is possible to modify tournaments until they are initizalized.

Added following games:

  • PlayStation 3
    • Street Fighter X Tekken
  • XBOX 360
    • Street Fighter X Tekken
  • Supercade
    • Breakers Revenge
    • Rage of the dragons
  • MAME
    • Breakers Revenge
    • Rage of the dragons


Following games and platforms have been added:



  • XBOX 360
  • PlayStation 3



XBOX y PlayStation 3

  1. Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition ver.2012
  2. Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3
  3. The King of Fighters XIII
  4. Tekken Tag Tournament 2
  5. Dead or Alive 5


  1. Soccer Brawl
  2. Windjammers
  3. Snk vs Capcom Chaos