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Create your own group and/or tournament online.


Manage your tournaments and/or groups.

Host tournaments online is an online tournament manager, where you can organize your competitions fast and easy. You do not need any additional software, only a device with internet access. If you host tournaments in your online community, sports events, etc., here you will find everything you need.

Create and manage your tournaments online

  • Create simple and double elimination tournaments up to 64 participants.
  • Add participants by yourself or create a registration tournament.
  • Add a password, continent and country restrictions to the tournament.
  • Manage tournaments from the tournament panel: do and undo brackets, participants has a calendar to agree a date to play the bracket, Insert the bracket video, check participants as attend, etc.
  • Customized page for the tournament info.
  • Forum included for the tournament participants.

Create your own group

Create exclusive tournaments and rankings for users of your group. Manage of group users: join, remove and modify.

Users rankings

Create rankings for your group. Rankings are fully editable, and divisible into seasons.

User statistics
User activity maintain users statistics on tournaments and groups.

Private messages
Keep tuned with users

Send private messages to your rivals or users of your group, to inform them of events and agree dates.

Email alerts
Availability of events alert you by email, when a tourament that you are joined, starts, ends, is deleted or when you have a bracket available.